10 Destinations to visit with Mom

Mamá ¿Qué le regalo?

Quizá aún no sabes que regalarle a tu mamá del Mother's Day, y reconocer, aunque sea en esta fecha, la maravillosa labor que ha hecho durante toda su vida.

ColombiaTours.Travel suggests that travels With her, you give her moments together.

What better gift than a trip?

Colombia it is the country of Magical realism y de Ritmos maravillosos, lleno de riquezas naturales y diversas geografías, escenario perfecto para unas holidays junto a la reina de la casa. Por eso, en este post te haremos una lista de los mejores lugares para que visites junto a mamá y le des el mejor regalo, compartir momentos juntos.


Mom in Santander

Its main tourist attraction is the immense Chicamocha canyon, a mountainous system crossed by a river with the same name, there you will find the Chicamocha National park. En ésta región podrás visitar también el Ecoparque Cerro El Santísimo, in a beautiful town called Floridablanca and enjoy a wonderful panorama.

El lugar ideal para alojarte y pasar un tiempo juntos es sin duda alguna Barichara. A Magic Town where you can appreciate the culture and authenticity of the architecturethere you mom you can buy the most beautiful handicrafts and even works of art.


Mom in the Coffee Axis

Plan Alta Montaña en el Eje Cafetero - Colombia - Plan Turístico - Paisaje Cultural Cafetero - Tour del Cafe - Eje Cafetero Tour del Café Altagracia-mamá

He Coffee Region Not only is it fashionable, but it is the best option for those moms who appreciate the culture peasant woman coffee. En esta hermosa región puedes visitar  pueblos con arquitecturas preciosas como Salento, Pijao and Circasia. In each of them you can try the delicious local cuisine and at the end of the afternoon enjoy a coffee.

Watch the sunset at some viewpoint of Filandia (Quindío), is a show that you can not miss. In Pereira/Manizales encuentras un sin número de hoteles que brindarán un servicio de lujo en medio de la nature. And if your mom likes rumba, the night activity in The Pearl of Otún It is one of the most famous in the region.

If you want to complement your travel with fun activities, between Montenegro and Quimbaya (Quindío), are located theme parks As the Arrieros Park, he National Coffee Park and Panacá.


Mom in the Amazon

He Amazon River it has become an epicenter tourist in the south of Colombia. The Amazonian trapeze, located between the borders of Brazil, Peru and Colombia, provides options for accommodation with cultural activity and ecological. It is an ideal destination for a adventurous mom that immensely value the culture and contact with the nature.

In Leticia encontrarás planes que te llevarán a conocer  lugares exuberantes y fantásticos como la Isla de los Micos, la Tanimboca Nature Reserve and the Lake Tarapoto.


Mom in the Colombian Pacific

Bahía Solano - Whale Watching Plan - Choco Colombia - Bahia-Solano-whales-yubartas-tourism-travel

If you mom He is a person who enjoys breathing fresh air and is not afraid of unknown places. Colombian Pacific It has two wonderful places to visit. Nuquí, is a remote town where you can only reach it by boat or plane. You will find hostels to spend the night and enjoy the lush landscape that bathe some rivers that reach the coast from the heart of the jungle.

Bahía Solano, ofrece descanso de playa. Aprovecharán no solo las caminatas que conducen a cascadas de mucha altura. En medio del Crashed and at the gates of the jungle is the Utria Cove, a place where you will appreciate various species of animals that inhabit the earth and water.

At the Colombian Pacific year after year you can see the Humpback whales, que viajan durante largo tiempo para darles a sus crías un lugar ideal para nacer y adaptarse al inmenso océano, Simplemente un espectáculo .


Mom in the Caribbean

Johnny Cay - San Andres Islands - Colombia - Colombiatours.travel - Blog - San Andrés Islas much more than seaColombia tiene costas en ambos océanos, pero sin duda alguna el lugar preferido es el Colombian CaribbeanCartagena, a city that is World Heritage. Filled with history, is where the most important are made cultural events in Colombia. further Cartagena It is satellite transport to heavenly places like: Barú and Rosario Islands.

La actividad nocturna cartagenera y el lujo de sus almacenes la hace la mejor opción para aquella mujer que le encanta consentirse con lo mejor.

Santa Marta instead it is a destination for a simple, all-terrain mom. There you will find Beaches and activities at a very low cost and accommodation options range from hotels to rental apartments. Santa Marta is the Turistic center of the Caribbean coast, from there trips to places like Taganga, White beach and the Tayrona Park, where hundreds of tourists come every year.

La Guajira It is a magical destination, without a doubt its desert paisaje y su infinito mar enamoran. Podrán disfrutar de maravillosos atardeceres, ver los hermosos flamencos rosados y conocer una de las culturas indígenas más arraigadas de Colombia, the Wayúu, whose women wear the baton of the home and dress majestically.


Mom in San Andres

Panoramic view of Johnny Cay

Maybe the quintessential destination in Colombia is San Andres, an island washed by a sea of 7 colors. In the middle of Caribbean, San Andres es un destino ideal. Seguramente tu mamá sueña con un relajante descanso en la Beach, an afternoon of shopping in stores without taxes and enjoy this heavenly place.

San Andres islands It is part of an archipelago of three islands, where it is a neighbor of Providence and Santa Catalina, paraísos escondidos donde descansarán en medio del tranquilo mar.


Mom in Bogotá, Cundinamarca and Boyacá

If you are a cosmopolitan son and want to take your mom to know the greatness of the capital, Bogota es tu mejor opción. Un destino ideal para una mujer audaz, que además quieren relajarse comprando en las mejores tiendas del país. La capital de Colombia It hosts a number of shows, concerts and festivals. In addition there are museums for all tastes. You can't leave Bogota sin conocer el Monserrate Hill montando en teleférico. Puedes celebrar, ofreciéndole una cena en alguno de los mejores restaurantes del país.

Podrán conocer toda la history homeland of Colombia. The villages most emblematic of Boyaca and Cundinamarca, which are surrounded by a colonial aura and retain the façades architecture of an era that was momentous for Colombia.

Puedes llevarla a apreciar una noche llena de estrellas fugaces en la Guatavita Lagoon, located in the municipality of Sesquillé in CundinamarcaMom You can also take a ride on the Sabana train, which reaches the salt mines of Zipaquira and you will find a majestic spectacle that lies beneath the earth.


Mom in the Eastern Plains


Caño Cristales Colombia Guía de Viajes Planes y Actividades- mamá

To the east of Colombia a land full of mysteries and legends is drawn. The sunsets in the Eastern plains They are famous for their majesty. Ella You can enjoy a rest, go out in the morning for a horse ride and take advantage of the hot weather.

At the Goal the Serranía de la Macarena, place that is crossed by  Caño Crystals, he river of the 5 colors. Este es un viaje para una mujer guerrera y deportista. Sin embargo, los llanos son el hogar de pueblos como Puerto Gaitán, Puerto Lopez and Acacias, well known for their authentic traditions and their gastronomy based on beef.

Quizá quieras visitar  el Los Ocarros Biopark, a site designed to publicize and preserve the endemic fauna of this beautiful region.


Mom in Antioquia

Estación Metro Medellin- mamá

If you mom She is passionate about fashion and the culture, the ideal destination is the department of Antioquia. Te puedes alojar en Medellin, the textile capital of Colombia. A city full of culture, from emblematic places like the Nutibara Hill, he Little town Paisa, he Barefoot Park, he Explora Park and the Arvi Ecotourism Park.

Además Podrán disfrutar de otros pueblos como Guatape or Jericho; know her Stone of the Peñol which is located in the middle of a huge water reservoir.


Mom in Hot Springs

Termales de San Vicente - Santa Rosa de Cabal - Reserva Natural - Eje Cafetero - Colombia - Plan con Transporte 1- Mamá

La geografía colombiana nos ha regalado maravillosos lugares para descansar. En este Mother's Day, he ideal gift for mom it's a wellness day in a natural spa Like the Hot springs in Santa Rosa de Cabal or the San Vicentes Hot Springs. The municipality of Risaraldense houses several rural areas thermal pools They provide food and lodging options.

Similarly in the Colombian Pacific, specifically in Nuquí, there are several rivers of thermal water and in other places in the country like Paipa (Boyacá) and the Coconuco Hot Springs in the department of Cauca. All these Destinations They are ideal to give to mom a travel, with it you will spend time and create memories that will last forever.

Take care of this mother's day and give her a travel to mom, ColombiaTours.Travel It has the best options for you to go with it.


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