10 Women who have made history in the world

The history of women has been marked by various events of inequality, suffering, lack of opportunities; which have been classed by society as the weak gender, which cannot do certain things that men do, this vision has gradually faded, but has not been effectively eradicated.

In this international month of women, a date that commemorates the daily struggle that women of the past and present have had to go through, in order to have equal rights, and to be able to have representation in the world; marking history with each of their creations, their resistance, and events in which they have gained importance in today's society, and their struggle with feminism that helped them become stronger, more determined and fearless. They broke the rules, stereotypes and were carried away by their fighting instinct, demonstrating that they can do everything they have dreamed of, from an artist to a pilot, and many tasks in which we can be exceptional, today we have the opportunity to excel in the world.

That is why here I leave you 10 women who have made history in the world, those warriors who showed us that we have potential and we are great revolutionaries.

Marie Curie (1867-1934)

She changed the world in an incredible way, I create the formula for radioactivity, she was a scientist of Polish origin, revolutionizing the world of science since with discoveries produced cures to certain diseases, she was the first woman to win a science Nobel in Physics and chemistry, both she and many others had to fight to get there, evading the laws that existed at that time, discriminated against because she was a woman and especially because she changed the world of science with her discoveries and in a world where having a huge intellect created panic in society

Virginia Woolf (1882 - 1941)

She was a British novelist, essayist, editor and feminist, considered one of the most outstanding figures of 20th century literary modernism, she changed the world with her spectacular stories, delivering quality works, she was one of the most representative figures to start and become one of the main promoters of the feminist movement in the twentieth century, marked history in the world of writers, creating a fight against machismo.

Rosa Parks (1913-2005)

Recognized as the lady of civil rights in the United States, a time when the separation of people for racial or religious reasons, she refused to give her seat to a white passenger, since it did not seem fair to her that she was simply recriminated for her color. of skin, that exploded the civil rights bomb in his time, his protest was supported by other black communities that felt identified by racial prejudice, along with Martin Luther King they launched protests in which he forced the United States to declare that racial division was not fair.

Did you know? New Zealand was the first country in the world where women were able to exercise the right to vote in 1893

Hedy Lamarr (1914-2000)

She was a beautiful actress, who reigned in the golden years of Hollywood, possessed great rigidity and glamor that drew great attention in her time, since she was also endowed with a privileged mind, and the author of a communications system on which all current technologies such as GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and military transmissions are based, she was obsessed with inventing and so she developed a career as a communications engineer.

Anne Frank (1929-1945)

He was a Jew who defied the injustices of the Nazi holocaust, he became an international icon, due to his diary that he wrote for 2 and a half years, while hiding with his family in the factory of his dad, Ana as a celebrity Due to the ideas that she represents and the changing moments of women reflecting the struggle of people of different nationalities, religions and ideologies, at that time the writings shown by young women have shown great interest, and more so Ana's diary which is considered a literary masterpiece, her work became a human rights revolution, becoming a public defender, Anne Frank sparked a boom in female resistance just by enduring a holocaust life for so long and not losing strength , during those painful moments.

Coco Channel (1883-1971)

She was a designer who completely revolutionized the world of fashion, becoming the first woman to wear a style with pants, at a time when women were criticized for not dressing properly as a lady, in the interwar period, giving a A twist in haute couture and women's clothing, from her creations, women's clothing became more comfortable and informal, freeing them from uncomfortable accessories and making a revolution in women's clothing.

Amelia Earhart (1898-1937)

American aviator, known for attempting the first aerial trip over the equator, she promoted a tough debate on women's rights and the role she can play in the world. In 1929 she founded an organization of women aviators and promoter of campaigns in favor of feminism despite not fulfilling her dream of going around the world, she is recognized for her courage and bravery, she was not afraid to follow her dreams and fulfill her vocation of aviator woman, of being in the heights and in the skies flying in an extraordinary way.

Katherine Johnson (1918-2020)

She was an African-American scientific, physical, and mathematical genius who contributed to United States aeronautics and its space programs. She is better known as the "human calculator," she helped NASA in many projects, she lived in an age where racial segregation was a reality, he always fought against that segregation, breaking the rules at that time where people of African descent could only study up to eighth grade in his native county, he had a leadership capacity and he was left with no doubts, he was all wondering, she was an American heroine and her pioneering legacy will never be forgotten, Johnson helped the US expand the borders of space, even when he made great progress that also They opened doors for women and people of color. Died February 24, 2020

On March 8, 1857, women from a textile factory in New York marched to protest against the terrible working conditions in which they worked, with more than 12 hours of work and a precarious salary.

Malala Yousafzai (1997)

She is a civil rights activist especially for women in Pakistan, in this place where school attendance is prohibited for women, because of her revolution she was shot in the head when she returned on a bus, this young woman extended her fight Feminist worldwide was the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, her heartbreaking story has opened the eyes of society, especially women, Malala continues to fight for the rights of Pakistani women today.

Mon Laferte (1983)

She is a Chilean female singer who represents the feminist symbol in the music industry, women on a historically fascist and macho scene, resignifying as a space and filling it with greens and purples. Women with their fists raised, without fear, in the tribe, genuine and empowered.This was the singer Mon Laferte in the edition of Viña del Mar, where she gave herself on stage showing that women are all accompanied by other singers who They raised in the same voice, A tremendously talented woman, with a voice that also resonates in the conscience, that was able to use a stage like that to talk about reality and the social crisis. A woman surrounded by others who, with their green and purple scarves, were body and spirit, allowing all the rest of us, who saw the screen, to feel that this has indeed changed. Yes, it has changed! And if it has, it is because we have taken to the streets. It has changed thanks to our popular power.

In 2015, the “Ni una menos” movement revolutionized the stagnant behaviors of macho society and the different abuses that women have suffered.

The role of women has broken the patterns, It has created a before and after in all industries worldwide. They have given impetus to new ways of fighting for our rights, they have overcome all the existing obstacles in the world, this date is held in order to encourage all women, A date that must be remembered by women who work to get rid of all those taboos and stereotypes that promote inequality. Your woman, who is reading this post, I do not want you to be the same as the women I mentioned, but follow her example of struggle, resistance, revolution and to follow your dreams without letting yourself be inhibited by a society that sees everything wrong, we must transmit culture but above all we must transform thoughts, in which we are the protagonists

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