Amazon, and its Impressive Nature

The Amazon River, the largest in the world.

The Amazon is the lung of the world; a place of unique beauty and natural greatness; either, for its great diversity of fauna and flora, and also, for being the home of indigenous communities with ancestral knowledge.

Additionally the Amazon As a department it houses a large part of the jungle that makes up the Amazon region, therefore it has an enormous forest and water wealth and fauna and flora. In addition to its numerous tributaries, visit the Amazon It is ideal for a kayak ride, enter the rainforest and meet various animal species.

This Amazon jungle is an ideal tourist destination for those who want to live a natural adventure; Therefore, ColombiaTours.Travel offers you a wide range of options to know this place where you can visit the different natural parks and enjoy the activities offered by ecological tourism in a quiet place where you can breathe fresh air.

For those people who want to have direct contact with Mother Earth, without a doubt, The Amazon It is a place full of life; which is also populated by friendly people and is characterized by being built on the edge of the Amazon River, at the gates of the jungle. Therefore we recommend applying the yellow fever vaccine 15 days before the trip, in addition to wearing comfortable and steamy clothes for hot and humid weather, do not forget to also wear sunscreen and repellent.

Finally, take care of nature and be respectful of the customs of indigenous communities.