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If you are passionate about travel, you love Colombia, you have an inexhaustible Thirst to learn and you like to interact with people, then you will want to be part of our community and develop your full potential in our team from the hand of experts in the Tourism and Ecommerce industry.

We are building something big and you can be the next member of our team, Apply now!

Digital communication practitioner

Develop your full potential in the world of communications and digital marketing

Looking for a very good pupil, with a proactive attitude and eager to learn everything that the digital world has to offer, we need someone to get along with new technologies and want to learn about digital marketing to complement their knowledge and creativity, for true, fundamental someone with a super blown mind, so super cool. & #x1f92f;

This pupil or practitioner must perform the following functions that within the team:

  • You participate in the Professional Development and Training program of ColombiaTours.Travel
  • Active participation with the marketing team
  • Design and layout of landing pages
  • Update content on the web: prices, models, photos, promotions.
  • Publication of content on different channels.
  • Sending email marketing campaigns.
  • Content creation for social networks.

Travel Agent Local

If you are a person who likes to undertake new challenges, make new adventures and meet new places and people, you will be a great Travel Agent.

A Travel Agent is more than an advisor, we seek to be friends with our travelers to make them live memorable experiences. But at the same time we do business and generate income.

For us it is important that our Travel Agents have a broad knowledge about our territories and that with empowerment and sense of belonging they tell travelers to make them feel comfortable and at home when they visit their destinations.


  • You participate in the Professional Development and Training Program for Travel Agents of ColombiaTours.Travel
  • You manage your time, You can be a travel agent and at the same time work on other of your projects. What matters most to us is that you fulfill many dreams.
  • You will have the opportunity to meet many people from different places in the world and in Colombia.
  • As you meet goals, you can travel and meet new experiences.

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