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Do you want to become our ally?

Together we can show the world how beautiful Colombia is & #8230;

We know that you have a unique experience to offer to the travelers of the world. ColombiaTours.Travel brings you a system of partners, where we can make an alliance that contributes to the growth of your business and also show Colombia as an attractive destination for the world market through web positioning.

Our goal is to make alliances that allow us to generate value to our customers, selecting the best experiences within the country and making them known through key content and interest, which will be shared through our platform and our social networks.

The customer will not only be tempted by the experience, but will know that your product is the best option.

How do we do it?

We publish the experience in our portal through a content generation system focused on the promotion of your product or service, which is aimed at specific audiences who can acquire it through our platform.

After the purchase, the reservation will be notified and we will record the value thereof, once it is confirmed.

What is the investment?

When our users or customers make the payment, the value of this will be distributed as follows:

  • A 15% in the generation of specific content and an advertising graphic piece designed for your product. These ads will be published through our platform, they will also be linked to the Google search network and will be advertised through Facebook Ads.
  • A 10% will be used to maintain the platform in order to improve its usability and thus facilitate purchases.
  • A 75% for the payment of the product or service you offer as a partner of ColombiaTours.Travel.

Trust and credibility

We have been working with an excellent team that has made in 2017 we had more than 10,000 new visitors on our platform, more than 7,000 followers on our social networks and a history of more than 120 million in sales throughout this year.

To become our partner you only need:

  • Be a natural or legal person.
  • A current National Tourism Registry.
  • A minimum experience of 2 years of operation.
  • Clear reservation and cancellation policies.
  • The final price of the experience you offer must be competitive in the market.
  • A detailed description of the experience.
  • Have photographic or video material that supports your product or service.



What do you expect to show the world with us how beautiful Colombia is?


Membership Partners

  • Mention the destinations, plans and / or activities contemplated by your portfolio.
  • Select the options that are closest to your type of service
  • You can optionally upload your PDF file from your service portfolio. Max. 3 MB
    Accepted file types: pdf.