Colombia ready for bird watching

Colombia is the second most biodiverse country in the world, in our territory you can find a number of species many of them endemic to the ecosystems that exist in the country.

In Colombia you can observe from birds to reptiles, even mammals of exorbitant sizes such as humpback whales, which year after year come to have their young to the waters of the Colombian Pacific.

The different thermal floors make Colombia a country with an absolute variety of fauna and flora, which makes it not only a beautiful country but also places it in the window of tourism and international research.

Colombia wins Global Big Day Gold

Colombia won the Global Big Day contest, for having the greatest diversity of registered birds in the world.

“El ganar la de oro en esta versión del campeonato mundial de avistamiento de aves, es la mejor promoción internacional del país para atraer un mayor número de visitantes del exterior”, dijo la ministra de Comercio, Industria y Turismo, María Claudia Lacouture.

Bird Watching

It is estimated that in Colombia there are 1921 types of birds, which represents 20% of the total species on the planet, of these a total of 1,486 species have been seen and registered by world authorities.

According to the national government, 15,000 travelers are expected to visit Colombia annually to get to know these species, observe them, even investigate them.

This figure puts the tourism industry to the expectation, since bird lovers spend at least $ 340 a day to carry out their activities, about four times more than an average tourist.

"With the implementation of the plan for the consolidation of Colombia as the first tourist destination in bird watching, we develop high-value products and mark domestic tourism," said Lacouture.

Meanwhile, Gustavo Toro, president of Cotelco, says that hoteliers are interested in promoting this type of tourism, as long as the ecosystems that house birds in Colombia are protected.

Peace a tool of Tourism

After more than 50 years of war, the peace firm has brought very advantageous consequences in terms of tourism for Colombia, including the increase in travelers who want to know the country with the peace of mind of traveling it.

Today Colombia is open to bird watching tourism, providing plans ranging from $ 1200 to $ 4000. Plans that are developed in different areas such as Antioquia, Chocó, Putumayo and Caldas, among others.

Risaralda and bird watching

The department of Risaralda has 539 registered birds of the more than 1900 species that inhabit Colombia.

In the municipalities of Santuario and Pueblo Rico there is the Tatamá Natural Reserve, where you can observe the largest number of birds registered in the department.

However, just 40 minutes from Pereira, in its rural area, there is the Otún Quimbaya Fauna and Flora Sanctuary. This place offers the tourist offer of sighting to locals and visitors, beginners and experts, to live a unique experience in a native forest.

If you want to know more about this plan, click here

“Colombia un país de aves”

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