Bogotá is the capital of Colombia and its largest city, a point of convergence of people across the country, is diverse and multicultural.
It combines modern buildings with others that evoke its colonial past.

Bogotá is green thanks to its parks and the eastern hills that dominate the sanctuaries of Meet the sanctuary of Monserrate in Bogotá at 2600 meters high Monserrate Observe how to climb the first hermitage to Cerro de Guadalupe, built in 1656 but also has the brick color of numerous buildings also called colonial treasures.

Bogotana tradition

The Colombian capital reflects the history of a cosmopolitan city, where modern architecture is mixed with traditional architecture; Discover unparalleled places, the most delicious gastronomy, theaters, cinemas, museums, monuments, cultural and religious centers framed in the beautiful Cundiboyacense highlands landscapes, in a destination close to the stars.

Let yourself be captivated by an enigmatic city full of stories to live, with an average climate of 14 degrees Celsius is the perfect city to get in touch with culture, romanticism and Bogota tradition.


House of thousands of Colombians, Bogotá is a small sample of Colombian diversity, there are different ethnicities and cultures that have found in this city a perfect place to express their feelings.

The dynamism of the cultures that converge in Bogotá has been fundamental in its recognition as a cultural and gastronomic city in which not only are nationals but people from all over the world.

Cultural Capital

Headquarters of important national and international universities, Bogotá hosts important academic, social and artistic events that make this a meeting point for Colombians.

It offers a wide variety of international restaurants and all kinds of nightlife. Due to its strategic location in the highlands of the Sabana de Bogotá, from there you can see the snowy peaks of the Central Mountain Range and its traditional hills that are a fundamental guide to be located in this great city of Colombia.
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