The Caribbean in Chocó: Capurganá

Capurganá is a tourist population isolated, where you can disconnect from everyday life and enjoy the ecology and the adventure, there is only possible to arrive by air or river. This beautiful bay It is located very close to the border with Panama, to the north of Colombia. Surrounded by the Serranía del Darién at Gulf of Urabá and the crystalline waters of Caribbean Sea.

What to do in Capurganá?

The tropical climate of Capurganá (from 20 to 34 degrees Celsius all year) make it an ideal destination for the ecotourism with ecologic walks by walking trails and waterfalls, enjoying the contrast sea and jungle.

Activity most practiced in the bay is the diving, well Capurganá It has a perfect crystalline sea for this sport, as it allows you to see coral reefs of exuberant beauty, as well as a great variety of marine life. Additionally you can visit the Pool of the Gods, a rock formation where the tide creates a natural pool.

Another activity is the Ascent to Heaven, a freshwater waterfall That will leave you breathless and ecstatic of such beauty. You can also spend your days practicing windsurfing, a sport that consists of moving on a board provided with a candle. And finally take a boat trip through other places like Sapzurro and Honey.

Caribbean in Chocó: Capurganá

Relaxation paradise

Being a destination away from the noise of the city, it is perfect to enjoy the holidays and get away from the routine, it has little trade and the existing one is based on handicrafts Typical of the region. There are no cars for which pure air and true rest can be breathed, since it does not have vehicular traffic. The inhabitants of Capurganá They are mobilized in bicycles, boats or animal-drawn vehicles.

Capurganá It is a little commercial place, activities of this type are directed to the sale of handicrafts native to the region, which make this the perfect place to spend a few days of relaxation.

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