Amazing Landscapes in La Guajira

La Guajira It is a beautiful desert surrounded by sea, sand, coal, salt and cactus, with a temperature between 24 and 34 degrees Celsius, is a paradise that delights all its visitors with landscapes unimaginable and a culture latent. This land of Wayúu communities and guajiros is a melting pot of cultures that have managed to adapt to the harsh conditions of desert, he sea And the wind The tourists That adventure to this desert they must prepare to move along long roads where the landscape invites meditation and reflection. In this destination you can enjoy your impressive pristine beaches, gaps decks of pink flamingos, indigenous rancherías and salt mines that flaunt their ancestral culture.


A destination where you can live the Wayúu culture, one of the ethnic groups in Colombia that better preserve their ancestral traditions desde su vestuario, creencias religiosas e incluso lenguaje autóctono denominado “wayuunaiki”, aunque en su mayoría hablan también español. La Wayúu culture  He lives in simple houses called rancherías, generally they are grouped in large communities and their rituals revolve around dreams as a reflection of the past and the future.

Spend some holidays in La Guajira, is to live a season between reality and fantasy, in a place where as many stories are woven as hammocks, backpacks and others beautiful handicrafts elaborated by hand that are a living symbol of a tradition It is preserved.

What to do in La Guajira?

Being in this beautiful destination you can't miss a magical place for its landscapes, the salt flats of Manaure and Uribíacapital indigenous in Colombia. Enjoy the Sugar Pylon, feeling the touch of its golden sand, surrounded by the intense blue of the sea in a place that evokes emotions. Other fundamental attractions are the Flamingos and its spectacular nests built in mud, which reach heights up to 60 cm .; Mating occurs in March and brooding, according to fishermen in the region, in April and May.

Another destination preferred by the tourists is Palomino, which stands out for its lush vegetation. In addition, its wide variety of water sources such as Palomino river and the laughed San Salvador, have made it a favorite destination for “mochileros”. In this place it is possible to carry out activities such as Kayak, Surf and tubbing (activity that involves throwing a tire on the river). Additional to this is a place with a great variety of hostels, cultural festivals with the best musical bands in Colombia.

La Guajira It is a totally surreal destination, famous for its gastronomy around the fruits of the sea such as lobsters, shellfish, saws, lobsters, snails and toyo sharks. Dare to live with us an unforgettable experience among the tradition, culture and the fantasy of La Guajira a destination Unmissable for nationals and foreigners.


Marvel at the fantasy of desert and the Colombian Caribbean.


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