Nuquí Colombia: land of adventure, nature, sun and beach

Nuquí is a paradise in the middle of the Chocoana coast where the jungle is tuned to the wide Pacific Ocean.

Nuquí settlers

In Nuquí two very representative ethnic groups of our country inhabit: the Afro, who descend from the slaves from Africa and who saw this little paradise with the possibility of developing an economy of fishing and tourism. And it is also a region inhabited by Embera, indigenous with settlements in the Colombian Pacific

What to do in Nuquí?

Multiples activities You can do in this paradise. Because of the strong winds in the Pacific Ocean, Nuquí It is a perfect place for lovers of surf; allowing to connect at the same time with mother earth and the immense sea.

Between the months of July and October the visitors arrive Humpback whales or Yubartas. Perfect time for him sighting of these giants of the nature and the practice of diving, which allows observing a underwater ecosystem full of corals, dolphins and turtles.

Another favorite activity to do in Nuquí is the sport fishing. The species that stand out the most are the goldfish; the sailfish; the Blue Marlin; and different species of tuna, saws, snappers and braves.

Nuquí is a place that allows you to connect at the same time with Mother Earth in a natural harmony and the immense sea that captivates you instantly ..

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How to get to Nuquí?

Only the light aircraft and the boats arrive at Nuquí, access by land is practically impossible. He Reyes Murillo Airport located in Nuquí, receive flights from Medellin and Quibdó. While for waterway, the journey takes about 20 hours by boat from the port of Buenaventura.

ColombiaTours.Travel It gives you the possibility to enjoy a quiet rest, disconnecting from urban chaos, where the senses become more acute, appreciating the immensity of nature, while the great waves hit the beach.

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