In Santander, the beating of the heart increases with the emotion you feel when you practice adventure sports , without a doubt an unmissable destination for lovers of nature and extreme emotions.

This beautiful land of heroes and liberators is located in one of the most imposing territories of Colombia. Santander has a wide geographical variety, which makes it possible to find canyons, plains, mountains, caves and rivers in the same territory.

What to do in Santander?

Adrenaline is what you live in San Gil, where tourists from all over the world glide through the waters of the Force River. Described by those who know this sport, as an abundant tributary in white waters.

In Santander the offer of extreme sports is varied and satisfies the tastes of thousands of tourists who come to this municipality looking for a contact with nature and the excitement of life.

There you can perform different activities among which are horseback riding; caving or cave exploration; and torrentismo , an extreme sport that consists of rappelling down waterfalls.

Bajo el eslogan “Santander Tierra de Aventura”, la región se ha convertido en un referente no no solo de riqueza histórica y tradición agrícola, sino en un lugar propicio para deportes extremos, en aprovechamiento de su riqueza natural.

Santanderian Culture

Cultural expressions are abundant in Santander.

One of the most important is its succulent cuisine, which incorporates pluricultural and exotic features such as the consumption of culona ants, a custom inherited from indigenous culture.

In your stay in Santander, named as Pinchote, Aratoca and Curití, they will be familiar and will make you live particular and very exotic experiences.

In Santander you will discover why for centuries this mountainous terrain has attracted the attention of nationals and foreigners, led by the spirit of adventure and conquest.

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