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    The Colombian Caribbean

    Get to know the colors of the Caribbean region

    The Colombian Caribbean is a region that is made up of 7 departments, including the San Andres and Providencia Archipelago, Cartagena, Santa Marta, Barranquilla, Riohacha; among others that make this beautiful region one of the most sought after attractions in Colombia.

    This Caribbean region, also has a historical burden that makes it special from its architecture and cuisine, you can also find in its cities a vast beauty, national parks, sites of cultural interest and a warm tropical climate that makes the Colombian Caribbean an ideal destination for vacation.

    In the whole area of Colombian Caribbean You will find a huge diversity of accommodations, so you can choose that option that best suits your interests and economic possibilities. You can visit the beaches of its main urban centers or hire an excursion and navigate to its insular zone, in all you will find paradises that you will never forget. You can also hire an excursion to paddle in kayak or encourage strong emotions and go surfing, water skiing, rafting or paragliding.