How to get to Colombia

Colombia is located in the extreme north of South America, is recognized as one of the countries of the continent with more biodiversity. It has direct flights from the main cities of Latin America, North America and Europe. Colombia stands out for the warmth and friendliness of its people, its unforgettable landscapes and its world-class coffee; This territory is also known for having approximately 102 indigenous communities, making it a culturally rich place. In addition to this, its beautiful nature, in many places is unexplored and protected.

This great country is surrounded by the Caribbean and Pacific, becoming 3208 km of coastline that borders part of its territory. This great feature makes it a destination rich in beaches and where some cruise ships seek to embark to enjoy its infinite blue.

Entrance to Colombia by air and sea.

To get to Colombia you can use one of the 9 international airports it has, 1 port where Caribbean cruise ships depart and pass in Cartagena de Indias, and national airstrips for private planes and charter flights. Whatever your destination in Colombia is, whether by sea or air, choosing the right entry point is very important since it is a large country, with roads whose distances sometimes exceed 10 hours of travel to go from a city to another. For example, traveling from the center of the country specifically in Bogotá to Cartagena can take almost 18 hours by car. Therefore, choosing your point of entry and exit to visit Colombia is crucial, and will save you a lot of money and time.

The moment you are in national territory, you can travel to different parts of the country, by bus, rental car, charter or domestic flights. See all your options and visit all of Colombia and all its wonders.

International Airports

Bogotá, El Dorado International Airport. (IATA code: BOG)

It is located in the northwest of the city, about 15 kilometers from downtown Bogotá. It is one of the airports with with more passenger traffic in South America, currently it receives direct flights from 31 countries and is the central national flight that covers much of the territory. It offers all the services for the convenience of the travelers such as shopping mall, food mall, waiting areas with Wi-Fi and plugs, and is strategically connected to the city since there are buses and taxis that go to every corner of the city.

Rionegro - Medellín, José María Córdova International Airport. (IATA code: MDE)

This great airport is located 45 kilometers northwest of the city of Medellín in the municipality of Rionegro. It is the second airport with the highest passenger traffic in Colombia and it receives international direct flights from 10 countries. In its facilities, you can find commercial stores selling clothes, souvenirs, food, and comfortable waiting rooms.

Palmira - Cali, Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport. (IATA code: CLO)

It is located in the municipality of Palmira about 20 kilometers northeast of the city of Cali, with which it has a road connection through a highway. This is the third airport in Colombia with a large flow of passengers and receives around 6 international flights. Cali is a city with a great road connection since it crosses the trunk of the Pacific that passes through many municipalities in different departments.

San Andres, Gustavo Rojas Pinilla International Airport. (IATA code: ADZ)

San Andrés is one of the favorite tourist destinations for Colombian and foreign citizens, its sea of 7-colors makes everyone fall in love with it. This airport receives direct international flights from Costa Rica and Panama, although most international flights must stop at one of the main airports in Colombia or Panama. The most active travelers can even walk from the airport to their accommodation, thanks to its proximity to everything, however, you also find taxis to move around the island.

Cartagena de Indias, Rafael Núñez International Airport. (IATA code: CTG)

This airport is located within the urban perimeter of Cartagena de Indias, a city bordered by the beautiful Caribbean Sea, in the Barrio Crespo. For this reason, access is quick and easy from anywhere in Cartagena. It is the most important of the Atlantic coast of Colombia since it is international and receives 8 international flights. There are 14 airlines that cover national destinations to the most important cities in the country.

Cúcuta, Camilo Daza International Airport. (IATA code: CUC)

This airport is only 5 kilometers from the center of Cúcuta. Excellently connected by a highway. Cúcuta is located on the border with the state of Táchira in Venezuela, so it is also convenient for Venezuelan passengers. Currently, international flights from this airport connect with Panama and also with Aruba.

La Tebaída - Armenia, El Eden International Airport. (IATA code: AXM)

Located on the outskirts of the capital city of the department of Quindío, Armenia, specifically 15 kilometers away in La Tebaída. This airport has been international since 2009, which enables it to receive regular international flights and charter flights. He currently receives flights from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States and domestic flights mainly from the capital city.

Pereira, Matecaña International Airport. (IATA code: PEI)

This airport is located in the urban area of the city of Pereira, about 12 kilometers from downtown. Receive direct international flights from Miami and domestic flights mainly from the capital city, Bogotá. This airport has had a great evolution and is currently in the modernization phase, however, this does not affect its operation.

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