Easter Holidays 7 Destinations for you
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Easter holidays

7 Unmissable Tourist Plans in Colombia


Easter week Despite its religious connotation, it has become one of the most anticipated dates of the year, to enjoy one of the four most important high seasons, both at the level tourist as commercial; the families usually deserve a well-deserved Easter holiday, in which they visit some touristic destinations interesting or just decide to reserve a farm to spend quality time.

So much so, that in 2017 2.3 million passengers were mobilized at the airports during these dates, that without counting, the mobilization by land, which undoubtedly takes most of the Travellers; this great movement of people in different places and Destinations It makes these dates a chaos to select the best destination and the best price, especially when we have the habit of making plans at the last minute.

For these reasons we wanted to make your life easier by selecting Best plans for this season, so that you don't fall behind, and in the end you get caught between the worst and the most expensive options.



Capurganá Colombia - Choco - Colombian Pacific - Colombia - Travel Plans - ColombiaTours.Travel

It is a village, which could certainly be considered a natural paradise, even with Beaches virgins and dense jungles; you can also tour the town Sapzurro and the beach Honey, the latter located on the border with Panama, place where you can find excellent quality products at very good prices.

If you want, enjoy beautiful beaches, nature and sun in all its splendor this is your destination for this Easter Holidays.

More info about Capurganá HERE


Tatacoa Desert


This is definitely a tourist destination with a special air, located in the department of Huila; This place being a tropical dry forest, remits so natural to a prehistoric environment, which keeps a whole archeological history inside.

This Desert, is divided into two zones; one, the Cuzco area, with reddish and ocher tones, characteristic for its dunes; and the area of Los Hoyos, a place that is distinguished by its grayish color, since it is mostly rocky. There, the cacti that stretch in the form of a candlestick make up an arid landscape that is ideal to explore in the day and see the stars at night, due to the cleanliness of the sky and the absence of artificial light.

If you are one of those Travellers in love with the stars in search of mystical landscapes, he desert Is the best option.

More info about the Tatacoa Desert HERE


Coffee Region

Considered Cultural heritage of Humanity, he Coffee Cultural Landscape It is a beautiful and friendly destination for people who want to have fun and find a mix between nature, gastronomy, architecture and coffee culture. Nothing better to spend the Easter Holidays.

This region is mainly composed of the departments of Caldas, Quindío and Risaralda; and secondarily by the North of the Valley and the northwest of Tolima, thus becoming a place with everything to do and know.

If yours is the coffee and the majestic mountains this is your destination for these holidays Holy.

More info on the Coffee Axis HERE

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Solano Bay

This tourist destination It is a must for people who enjoy and value the sea, the Marine species, the natural tours and water sources; in a place where the Sustainable tourism and Ecological It is really important.

This place has a natural wealth huge; in which, without a doubt, you can enjoy a travel memorable; first, walking trails full of life and watching marine species such as the Yubarta whale. It’s like that, as in Solano Bay he ecotourism It is key, since this municipality bets on the preservation of the life that is in it.

More info about Bahía Solano HERE


Snowy Santa Isabel

Nevado Santa Isabel - Los Nevados National Natural Park - Colombia - Trekking - Alta Montaña -  twitcher
Snowy Santa Isabel

If you are adventurous, you like the long walks and the wonderful landscapes that the High Mountain offers, this destination is the ideal for you on this Easter Holidays; Of course, you have to take into account that it is one of the most visited places in the Coffee Axis with a limited load capacity; reason why you must reserve your quota in advance, at least 15 days before the date you have planned, so you can enjoy this splendid destination.

Reserve your plan at the Snowy Santa Isabel HERE


Amazonas Plan Amazonas Natura Park Colombia Travel
Amazonas Plan Amazonas Natura Park Colombia Travel

If your goal is an encounter with the nature and with your inner being, definitely the Amazon It is the most suitable option for you; you will see the nature in full force and know the magnitude and imposition of River the world's largest flow, in addition to connecting with the beautiful sounds of the nature and interact with lots of species.

More info about the Amazon HERE

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Santa Marta

Easter holidays
Easter Holidays: Santa Marta

Santa Marta is a tradition destination in Colombia, its historical center and night activity make this destination the ideal place to spend a good day on vacation; And if you are one of those travelers who like to know new places, do not think about it anymore, your ideal destination this time is Santa Marta. Why? simple, being in this city you can move to other wonderful tourist places in Colombia such as Tayrona Park, Minca, Lost City, Palomino, among other places that can be reached in a few hours by land by public transport; And one more reason, this destination is operated by low cost airlines in Colombia that make it even more profitable.

If you want to build your vacation in Santa Marta CLICK HERE and contact a local expert and do not miss these incredible Easter Holidays.


And as good Colombians We cannot run out of the ñapa, this ñapa is for those who like to take risks, take their lives to the limit and get out of the way indicated: Paragliding.

Paragliding will allow you to enjoy the best landscapes and get your fears out; If you are about to make a change in your life, this activity will mark a milestone of happiness in your future.

More info about Paragliding HERE

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