Tourism in Colombia goes for more

According to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Tourism in Colombia generated foreign currency for 5688 million dollars during 2016, which increased the growth of the sector by more than 7%, due to the fact that in 2015 it threw currencies by 5236 million Dollars.

The recent events of peace and the clearing of areas considered prohibited territories, has opened the offer of tourism in Colombia, in the same way that a foreign curiosity has been generated to visit the country. The post-conflict scenario is ideal for the Tourism industry and its expansion.

To conquer the Asian market

The president of ProColombia, Felipe Jaramillo, is determined to conquer the Asian market, after returning from an international tour of China, Japan and South Korea. According to Jaramillo, tourism is one of the industries that would benefit most from business with Asia.
The perception that Asians have of Colombia is positive, they argue that the country has one of the most dynamic economies in Latin America and they have been expanding their businesses, more reason to open the Tourism industry to the East.

China as a tourism objective.

According to the president of ProColombia, the Chinese have increased their circulation in Colombia and is a potential tourism market.

WeChat for Tourism

Felipe Jaramillo has his strategy on the table and is WeChat, a social network that allows foreigners to obtain relevant tourist information about Colombia.

The WeChat platform provides the necessary information about Tourism in Colombia, destinations, transport, indications. It serves both tourists and tour operators inside and outside the country.


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