How to prepare for a hike in High Mountain?
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Tips and recommendations to make your hike in High Mountain

If these days you are planning to make a high mountain hike as the ascent to Los Nevados National Natural Park, or the El Cocuy National Natural Park; And you really do not have much experience in this, this article is for you, because here we will give you the information you need so that you prepare very well to make an ascent to more than 3000 masl.

In these high mountain treks you should keep in mind that the air contains much less oxygen than at lower heights, so you should prepare very well with the right equipment and following the recommendations to have an excellent experience and achieve the goal.


Train in advance

You must take into account your physical state; whether or not you are reasonably fit; if your physical condition is good you will only need a couple of weeks; but if you are not fit you must allocate at least three months before doing the high mountain hike in order to fulfill your final objective.

The activities you can do to condition yourself are: jogging, cycling, swimming; or any activity that strengthens your cardiovascular capacity. Additionally we recommend you to climb stairs, this will help you strengthen the muscles of your legs.

Equipment for the Walk

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It is necessary that you carry little equipment, as small as possible, since the high mountain hike It can be complex, and your briefcase could become the biggest annoyance of all; So avoid overdoing it. Tea we recommend also wear change clothes, long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, a hat and a pair of gloves; these are vital since at that height the temperatures are too low.

Don't forget the sunscreen and your sunglasses; Sun rays are more powerful at this point; so it is also advisable to wear a hat that protects you from the cold, preferably waterproof.


Take a vitamin supplement

You can start before taking a supplement that allows you to strengthen your body and level it for this demanding activity, you can take Gingo Biloba capsules, which help improve walking performance as they stimulate circulation.

Some professional hikers They recommend taking Vitamin A, E and C, which are antioxidants that help reduce the circulation of free radicals during the walk, which improves performance and decreases muscle fatigue.


During the walk

We recommend you bring some sweets with high caloric content, since at high altitudes, your body will burn energy faster, so have some snacks such as dried fruits and nuts, fresh fruits, chocolates or a bag of chips to eat as an appetizer; In cold climates it is necessary to keep warm in the body and sweets are a good way to do it. Another suggestion is to hydrate well; Therefore you must drink between 2 or 3 liters of water per day. We suggest you drink frequently so don't be thirsty or feel you don't need it.


Keep up

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Sometimes when we start a hike of this type we usually start with a lot of energy and go very fast; but this is counterproductive but we measure our effort in relation to the path that we must make, this is especially important if the walk starts at low altitude and increases continuously. As you walk, you will notice that you begin to get tired more easily and you may feel out of breath; For this reason it is best to go slow.

You should also control your breathing, inhaling and exhaling calmly, remember that oxygen is vital for your body performance; Therefore, you should be attentive and pay close attention to your breathing and fitness, because on a long walk, it can be easy to fall into a state where you are not paying close attention to how you feel physically.


The day before

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Remember that one high mountain hike It is a very demanding activity and that is why the day before you should try not to try too hard; avoid demanding physical activities, stay relaxed and practice doing some breathing exercises.

Another fundamental thing is to feed and sleep very well; try to have all your meals rigorously, which also have a high nutritional content; As for the night, you should rest a lot, remember that the minimum is 6 or 8 hours of good rest.

We hope that with these recommendations you high mountain hike be an amazing experience; if you liked it or want to leave some recommendation You can do it in the comments.

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