Is it safe to travel to Margarita Island?
All-inclusive plan to Margarita Island from Colombia - Hotels and Entertainment

Margarita Island a paradise that is reborn for the travelers of the world

We know that our neighboring country is going through a difficult time, both social and economic; and it is also known that Venezuela, like Colombia, is one of the most biodiversity of the globe, full of nature live, Beaches beautiful and spectacular landscapes; so much so that it has the highest waterfall in the world, with 979 meters, the famous Angel jump; all this temporarily lost by its current situation, have been really difficult times for Venezuelans in general, and few things today survive this panorama; one of them is Margarita Island.

Hotels in Margarita Island - All Inclusive Vacation Plan Margarita Island from Colombia
Hotels in Margarita Island & #8211; Margarita Island All Inclusive Vacation Plan from Colombia

This beautiful Margarita Island it is a pearl that still remains alive with all its beauty and which, perhaps due to its territorial distance, has not been affected abruptly by Venezuelan reality; what really is an advantage for those people who want to know this beautiful destination; Well, the kindness of its people and its beautiful sea They still remain intact.

But hey, what we come to, the question is whether it really It is safe to travel to Margarita Island, if we are going to find everything we need in a country that has a product deficit, among other concerns that can address people who are contemplating the possibility of travel to Venezuela to know this beautiful island.

All-inclusive plan to Margarita Island from Colombia - Hotels and Entertainment
All-inclusive plan to Margarita Island from Colombia & #8211; Hotels and Fun

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As for the product supply, you can be calm, the island has all the necessary supplies for you to spend excellent holidays, the hotel sector has made sure that this is not a problem for visitors; additionally the vast majority of plans that are currently offered for Margarita Island they have included all the food and drinks; and if this is not your case, don't worry there is a good offer, yes the recommendation is to eat in recognized places like KFC and Subway, for example; or also ask at the reception of your hotel where they will give you the best recommendations.


One of the biggest fears of travel to Venezuela is the security, since there is a shortage of food and an economic crisis, crime increases in any of its forms; To say that this factor has not increased in this country would be a lie; but fortunately it doesn't affect much  Margarita Island, as if it can be perceived in the center of the country; in this case; inside the island you will find very sure, but as everywhere in Latin America In general, if you don't have the proper precautions, you can take some kind of risk; in fact some Travellers they say it is equally dangerous to the Colombian capital; so, the key is "don't give papaya." On the other hand a suggestion is that you take direct flights from Colombia to Margarita Island, without stopping in any other Venezuelan city, this is perhaps one of the most important recommendations.


The first thing to make clear is that in Margarita Island it is better to use Dollars that bolívares, which does not increase the costs of what you buy there, because you can find meals of only 3 USD, that is, much less than you can find an executive lunch in Colombia; also an advantage that Colombians have is the change in favor of the Colombian peso in relation to the bolivar; on the other hand, one of the most important suggestions is that you carry low denomination money 1 and 5 dollars preferably, since in some establishments they do not have to return and they will have to give you bolivars, which is not so beneficial.


In short, this destination is the ideal place to spend some Excellent vacations abroad, in a luxury destination already very good price, as they say out there, well, pretty and cheap; so if you have intentions of go to Margarita Island but you are worried about these things, you can already have an overview of the situation and travel with peace of mind

Cheer up Margarita Island awaits you!

Margarita Island All Inclusive Plan from Colombia

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