Memories of an always beautiful and authentic city: Cartagena
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One of the best destinations par excellence in our country, it will always be Cartagena.

So full of identity, history, modernity and with a touch of romance always in every place. Always pretty, that's right Cartagena. How not to enjoy your warm breeze and enjoy the sun of the Beach? People always striving to provide good service and Hotels In caring for the tourist. Nowadays, it is common to find auxiliary police who are attentive to the safety of the tourist on the beach and at the time of paying the bill with those who provide the service of drinks, food and tents; They are present and willing to express any concerns and disagreements and have their support in case of any inconvenience. Surely these measures have been the result of previous experiences that left concerns and opportunities for improvement.

If you are a tourist who enjoys Beach, breeze and sea, you are in the right place. Keep in mind that the beach is public, therefore, you will not have part of your hotel a place there, but you will find an opportunity for your negotiating skills to come up when you manage to square the price per day of tent, sun deck and chairs with those who provide this “service to the beach” as they call it and consign it at the end in your account. In addition to the “voluntary tip” they also record with their handwriting and letter in the document. In general, these “friends” who attend are ready to give you the other beer, when you are just running out of the one you are drinking, or to offer you lunch and order it from before noon.

A delicious and exquisite fried fish, packed in foil, hot and fresh, is a delicacy in the Beach. While you are there, you will see all kinds of services offered tailored to tourists, there is no more accurate knowledge of the client than the vendors who pass covered to protect their skin, with long sleeved shirts, caps with protectors and clean foot many of they. By the way, you look at them and you feel a little strange, especially when you are smeared as a tanner and can not receive as much sun as you can (with the proper precautions of course) while you observe that they cover themselves almost without wanting to receive or a lightning bolt on her brown skin… they pass near you offering fruit plates packed in transparent kitchen paper to protect them from spreading sand (ripe mango, papaya, pineapple); chewing gum, cigarettes and mecato. Superficial tattoos that children enjoy getting on their backs ... arms. Baffle rental to delight you with your best musical set. Entertainment and entertainment magazines, the famous and acclaimed "Cocoloco" with which you will go crazy once you take two or three; Ceviches, shrimp cocktails ... and of course the massagers cannot be missing. Since you set foot on the beach, they are attentive to you to offer you the relaxing massages at the moment you are located in your sun deck or tent. They expect you to make the agreement with the beach service lords and are willing to wait for you as long as it is to offer you their services. It is important that you from the beginning be clear with them and in case you do not wish to perform their massages, thank them and indicate that you are not interested, because if for any circumstance, you allow them to perform a test, on the foot, the hand , head ... assume that you are already their client and they will charge you later.


A city to enjoy its streets full of history and color. Enter their clothing stores, accessories and have a cocktail or something fresh in the Plaza Santo Domingo while you keep the best memory with an instant photo that one of the gentlemen who shows take decades to witness the tastes of tourists and who takes you He will tell you if you have a conversation with him, with a touch of nostalgia, how everything has changed and today the printed photography is not valued so much; the one with which he profited greatly and enjoyed performing previous years.

You can also walk in the area Gethsemane. Enjoy a good restaurant. And while you walk, listen to the lively streets with groups of hip hop Stray that you will find composing your best rhymes to people who walk, with positive and funny messages. Entertain yourself watching the care that is located in the area of the Santo Domingo square, which deftly makes almost everyone who passes by him fall into his mimicry without having the slightest suspicion of being chased by him. A care that people realize when they smile and remain unaware of their path. Visit the San Felipe Castle, feel in a very electronic environment in Café del Mar, while watching the sunset or the moon in the middle of walls. See all kinds of tourists go by, each with their own personal style; Linen shirts, steamy dresses and all in a moment of joy, rest and joy.

Arriving at the end of these written pages, it is clear to talk about other types of experiences that other people who enjoy knowing the culture and nearby islands, as well as the walk to Barú, a tourist destination to which, we must all go on our first visits to this beautiful city. Rest assured, that in Cartagena you will leave the best memories of your life, and you will stay with a piece of her forever, and she with a piece of your heart.

Author: Diana Carolina Vélez

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