The Jewels of Boyacá: Paipa and Villa de Leyva

Boyaca It is a department that stands out for its history, tradition and culture, all this added to the beautiful landscapes that can be seen in this place; his wealth in fields and natural resources, make it one of the favorite destinations in Colombia.

This beautiful territory stands out as a destination ecotouristic par excellence, with an offer gastronomic as diverse as your landscape, which goes from the snowfall to warm deserts, and with traditional holidays They are a faithful example of their identity and an opportunity to get closer to their inhabitants.

Paipa a municipality full of history

In this municipality, founded on February 19, 1602, an important part of the Colombian history: here, on July 25, 1819, the Battle of the Vargas Swamp,part of the independence history of our country

Paipa It has an average temperature of 16 ºC and stands out for its sources of thermal water that provide relaxation and rest for tourists from all over the world, and that are by the way the main attraction of this municipality. With places dedicated to wellness tourism As the Water park, he Hydrotherapy Center and the Thermal Complex.

What to do in Paipa?

In Paipa you can enjoy thermal waters where they can be done massages of mud that frees you from the worries of everyday life to plunge you into a state of deep relationship. He Vargas swamp It is undoubtedly one of the must-sees of this magical destination, due to its historical importance in the Independence of Colombia, leaving in its path some historical scenarios like The House of Six Windows, from where the battle of the swamp of Vargas was directed; and the Hacienda del Salitre, where you will find monuments to the heroes.

Sochagota Lake

He Sochagota lake, a mirror in which the mountains of Paipa, receive travelers arriving in this municipality of Boyaca. In this body of water created in 1953 it is possible to practice Waterskiing and paddle in kayak, and in its surroundings massages with mud of thermal waters are received.

Villa de Leyva

Villa de Leyva, a boyacense municipality that is part of the Heritage Network of Colombia and which is reached from Bogota in about three hours by land to the northeast of the city. Founded on June 12, 1572 and recognized by its Colonial architecture, Villa de Leyva The 21st century lives intensely but shares its history with those who visit it, which makes it undoubtedly in one of the most beautiful places in Colombia.

What to do in Villa de Leyva?

Walk the cobbled streets of this magical colonial municipality, where you will find beautiful parks, restaurants author and lovely Hotels. In the town center you can visit the houses Antonio Ricaurte museum and Antonio nariño, to dive into the history of the heroes of independence; as well as the Quintero House, where you will find a variety of restaurants and artisanal premises.

Near Villa de Leyva you can find activities of Ecotourism As the La Periquera Ecological Park, which has waterfalls and natural pools, Y the blue wells, small lagoons of very intense blue color. You can also know the Fossil Museum and the Astronomical Observatory of Zanquecipa, among many other activities.

Live a Historic Tour of The Glory of Our Freedom.