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Now with ColombiaTours.Travel we have several forms of payment so you can pay your reservations easily and safely.

PSE payment

With our agreement with Nequi de Bancolombia you can make the payment of your reservation by PSE from your Checking or Savings Account.

Enter to the next link: https://recarga.nequi.com.co/bdigitalpsl/#!/

Diligencia los datos con la siguiente información:

  • Cuenta a recargar
  • Numero de celular: 3218460176
  • Cantidad: de acuerdo al valor de tu reserva
  • Diligencia tu información bancaria, puedes pagar con tu cuenta bancaria corriente o de ahorros

Pago en Efectivo

Busca el corresponsal Bancario Bancolombia más cercano. Indica que deseas realizar un pago con la siguiente información:
  • Manual Collection
  • Número de Convenios: 63703
  • Cuenta Nequi / # de Referencia: 3218460176

Bank deposit

  • Scotiabank Colpatria
  • Savings account
  • # 070 202 6128
  • ColombiaTours.Travel S.A.S
  • NIT.:901346505-1
52 228 26 085Pago en
CC 1,088,263,769

Pago con Tarjeta de Crédito

Para realizar con Tarjeta de Crédito solicita al equipo de soporte el enlace personalizado para realizar tu pago 100% seguro a través de Paypal con un recargo adicional del 7% sobre el valor de tu compra

Thanks to our agreement with Nequi de Bancolombia. We have thousands of points available in Colombia where you can get close and take the money in cashThey are not bank offices, they are shops, stationery stores or businesses. Select this method of payment to pay in cash at a point near where you are.

For pay your reservation in cash follow these steps

1. Locate the point closest to where you are on the map shown below. Select option Where do I surcharge? Look at the points that appear on the map. If you want to search for another neighborhood or sector, type the name and click Search.

2. Approach there and indicate that you want a payment with the following information:

Manual Collection

Agreement Number: 63703

Cuenta Nequi / Referencia: 3218460176

Value: Total value of the reservation

3. Demand proof of payment and send a photo to our WhatsApp +57 33138579308  to email [email protected] from the support team of colombiatours.travel and that's it. In maximum 30 minutes you will receive an accreditation of the payment and the confirmation of your reservation.