Requirements to enter Colombia

Colombia is a flexible country when it comes to the entry of foreigners to the country and in recent years, Colombia has become a country visited by numerous people from all over the world so much so that some decide to stay for more than 1 month. Here we will tell about the requirements that you must take into account to travel to Colombia.

Documents and visas to enter the Republic of Colombia.

In order to enter any country it is necessary to have certain papers or documentation, which apart from authorizing your entry will help you to avoid any problems with your stay.

Identification document

Citizens of MERCOSUR countries have two ways of displaying their identification documents. The identity card or valid passport, but other countries may enter Colombia only with their passport. Most countries belonging to America and Western Europe do not need a visa to enter Colombia. The same applies to Japan, New Zealand and South Africa. Countries that do need a Visa, can access the tourist visa that is acquired very easily, this can be processed directly in a consulate or in a virtual way.

Resident Visa (RE)

This type of visa is provided to the person who has a father or mother of Colombian nationality or in the event that the foreigner has been Colombian either in the case of birth or adoption or also because they have renounced their Colombian nationality.

Temporary Visa (TP)

This is given to people who want to enter Colombia for work, studies or volunteering. It is one of the most requested visas and can be requested through the consulate portal.

Business Visa (NE)

It is given to people who wish to enter the country to carry out activities, whether commercial or business and also in the case of economic exchange, in business creations or the generation of investments.

What can I bring when entering Colombia.

When entering Colombia, a form is given to the visitor, it is called “Declaration of Baggage, Cash and Representative Money” and as indicated by its name on said paper, the items mentioned in the document must be declared.

There are also elements that do not need a declaration when entering the country, these are quite similar to those that are allowed in other countries. In these cases, we talk about products that have personal use, but without being presented in large quantities since they could be interpreted as products for sale or commercial business and to avoid that, there is a limit on the entrance of the same product (up to three times).

How many days can I stay in Colombia as a tourist?

Most tourists have up to 90 days to be in Colombia. It can be extended for an additional 90 days and for that you must go to the Office of Migration Affairs requesting a permit to extend the stay.

Should a mandatory vaccine be applied to enter Colombia?

No, it is not really required to have any vaccine to be in Colombia. It is recommended to have the yellow fever vaccine if you are visiting the jungle within the plans, so always check if the region you want to travel requires vaccines or special health precautions. To travel to some areas of the country it is necessary to apply the yellow fever vaccine that must be received 15 days before traveling; In certain places there are times where respiratory and viral diseases such as influenza are frequent. You can find more information about vaccines at tourist information points and medical attention points in airports and land transport terminals in all cities.

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