Discover the infinite blue: San Andrés y Providencia

San Andres and Providencia it's a little paradise in the middle of Caribbean Sea, one of the best landscapes that the sea can offer. Tourists from different parts of the world arrive at San Andres and Providencia archipelago to enjoy its beautiful Beaches white sand corals and meet the sea of the seven colors, which with its transparent waters and perfect waves is ideal for practicing different aquatic activities.

Rhythms full of flavor.

This region is immersed in the African traditions of Anglo-rooted Antillean, that is why its people move to the rhythm of calypso, reggae and other Caribbean sounds, which mixes well with the welcome of the islanders always willing to share traditions such as Creole, his native language.

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What to do in San Andres?

In San Andres you can enjoy the Beach, practice water sports such as snorkeling, snooba and diving, activities that will make you take advantage of the warm climate of the Island, which ranges between 17ºC and 33ºC.

A perfect place for ecotourism, in a crystalline sea that hosts a diverse marine life of colorful fish and corals brimming with life that travelers love. In this beautiful place you risk living beach afternoons and shopping in the free port, nights full of music and dance without forgetting the warmth of the islanders.

This destination is undoubtedly one of the places that reaches the soul of travelers because of the beauty of its landscapes, the warmth of its people and the magic of nature.

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Island tradition

To talk about island tradition, the first recommendation in San Andres is to visit the Isleña House a place where it is possible to know all the culture through the structure of their houses, their gastronomy, his tongue, his music and his history, a place that exposes you in the best way what islander life.

In the midst of all the adventures of Morgan Pirate from Jamaica to San AndresSome of the Antillean culture also stayed on this lovely island, full of flavored seeds, aromatic plants and traces of gastronomy that today make up one of the cultures Richest Colombians: the root.

With its own language, Creole: mixture of Elizabethan English, Spanish and African dialects; They also speak Spanish and modern English, so communication with travelers is very simple.

Enjoy more than 7 colors.
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