The Best Destinations in Santander Colombia.

Tourist Sites and Places to see in Santander

Santander is a tourist destination par excellence in Colombia, in fact its tourist offer is quite wide, which is why the people of Santander strive to offer their visitors the best experiences around its history, nature and gastronomy.

The story of Santander It has great relevance since the independence of Colombia was conceived in its territory, in fact at the beginning of the twentieth century the Thousand Days War developed, being its Palonegro battlefield, one of the bloodiest scenarios in the country; But now it shows all its radiance in its historic architecture, enough nature and varied cuisine.

In Santander, you can experience various climates thanks to the different thermal floors you have; so be sure to wear light clothes for warm places like San Gil, and warm clothes for the cold climate of the wasteland ecosystem; These geographical circumstances will allow you to enjoy beautiful landscapes and natural sanctuaries that serve as background to the practice of adventure sports.

Some recommended destinations in the department of Santander are: The Chicamocha National ParkSan Gil Barichara, among other splendid destinations.