What is the best time to travel to the Coffee Region?
coffee axis birds - Colombian Coffee Axis

Visit the Coffee Region now

The best time is the whole year!


Yes, just as you just read, the Coffee Region and in general Colombia is a territory where you can enjoy the best landscapes 365 days a year, each day with a different wonder to discover.


This region consists of 4 different departments: Caldas, Risaralda, Quindío and Norte del Valle, are part of a geographical area where the climate is quite friendly, there are no seasons and it only has a variation between dry and rainy season; which are not very noticeable, which makes the Coffee Axis an enjoyable region in any month of the year.


The activities that are more distinctive in the region such as the tours about the coffee process, excursions in natural reserves, cultural and traditional activities are available all year round, yes, there are seasons in which there is more flow of people, such as so are the holiday seasons of the end and middle of the year, and Easter; So if you are thinking of visiting the region you should take this into account depending on how much you like the flow of people.


Another of the characteristics that the region has is its great commercial potential, in this region you can buy everything at very good prices, you will find the best souvenirs of your trip to Colombia here; But if your idea goes further, that is, buy clothes, shoes and accessories at the best prices and the best quality, your visit must be carried out in the months of March, April and May, which is the time when you can find the best discounts


He Coffee Region It also has a great biodiversity, housing 700 species of birds, hundreds of amphibians and mammals unique in its species; in addition to a beautiful variety of ornamental flowers and unique trees such as the Palm of Wax; among other beautiful natural attractions.


So if you are thinking about knowing the region that produces the softest coffee in the world; This is your moment, no matter what month of the year you are reading this, you can stick the blast to this splendid region full of unmatched natural, cultural and human beauty.

You already have one less excuse to get lost in the beautiful coffee fields of the Coffee Cultural Landscape!

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