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Tourist Guide Eje Cafetero, all about the epicenter of culture, nature and coffee.

He Coffee Region, is made up of 4 departments: Risaralda, Caldas, Quindío and North of the Valley, this region is the area of Colombia recognized for producing the coffee softer and delicious in the world, in lands with friendly people, thermal waters, beautiful landscapes, great natural wealth and snowy peaks. It is distinguished by endless coffee plantations adorned with immense waterfalls and multicolored trees. Get to know this Coffee Guide Tourist Guide!

To this region the UNESCO he inscribed it on the list of World Heritage how Coffee Cultural Landscape for conjugating elements natural, cheap and cultural with a high degree of homogeneity in the region, and that constitutes an exceptional case in the world; thanks to processes such as the sowing of the first coffee plantations, through the construction of rural housing and the transport, processing and marketing of coffee; transforming the production techniques of this drink.

Below you can find a guide of the departments that make up this beautiful region with the activities you can do in each one of them.

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Risaralda is a kind and rich department in natural, cultural and human diversity; which progresses with its coffee landscape, mountains and valleys. Offering to its visitors center towns, spaces that conserve nature without stopping the development and progress of municipalities and cities, such as the Otún Quimbaya Fauna and Flora Sanctuary, where some of the bird species that live in Risaralda are protected .

Tourist Guide Eje Cafetero in Risaralda


Pereira/Manizales, also called the city without doors because of the kindness of its people, was founded between the Otún river valley and the central mountain range. Living in it for its inhabitants is like being in paradise for its excellent weather and the mix between city and nature. In this city you can take advantage of your night life, participate in sport activities on weekends, do shopping tour and enjoy cultural events.

Santa Rosa de Cabal
Traditional coffee axis plan

Also known as the City of the Araucarias, for the trees that adorn its main square; is the gateway to Natural Park of Los Nevados (PNNN), in this municipality you can also enjoy the famous santarrosanos sausages, recognized for its exquisite taste and quality. One of the most prominent attributes of Santa Rosa de Cabal are its abundant sources of thermal water, which you can enjoy in any of its spas.


In Marseilles you can live and interact with the Coffee Culture for her beautiful architecture, their specialty coffees and beautiful natural landscapes. In the urban case you can find the House of Culture, which has a pre-Columbian museum with more than 150 pieces quimbayas; besides visiting the Alejandro Humboldt Botanical Garden, which houses the Science and Technology Park. Finally you can tour the La Nona Forest Reserve, which supplies the aqueducts of the upper Cauca that has trails.

Plans of the Coffee Axis in Risaralda


This is one of the departments that make up the Coffee Axis, it is located in the middle of imposing mountains. Due to its variety of thermal floors you can enjoy a pleasant temperate climate and its climate ranges between 18 ° C and 24 ° C. Here you can do ecotourism activities, admire various species in the Los Nevados National Natural Park and enjoy a delicious coffee in the whole region.

Tourist Guide Eje Cafetero in Caldas


The name of Manizales It is attributed to the fact that at the time of its founding 1849, the so-called peanut stones, rocks with the appearance of gray granite abounded in its territory, and a group of these was called manizal.  Manizales It stands out for its fair, which is held every January and is Cultural Patrimony of the Nation, and for the variety of cultural events that it hosts as the International Theater Festival and Manizales Scream Rock, which convert to Manizales in a cultural stage International size.


Salamis is one of the municipalities that make up the Coffee Cultural Landscape and is part of the Heritage towns of Colombia. Their houses preserve the Colonial architecture, with clay roofs, balconies and doors made of wood. It is also one of the most beautiful in the country for its value tourist, historical and environmental. Between his tourist attractions visit the Bolivar Park, where there is a battery brought from Paris, a replica of the source of luminous water that is in the Place de la Concorde of the same country.


Gouache, Caldas; it is also part of the Peoples Network Cultural Heritage. Its population is distinguished by the development of aguadeños hats, baskets and bags. It is recognized as the Capital of the Colombian Hall for celebrating the National Hall Festival. Between his tourist attractions you can visit the Shadow Museum and the historical center that since 1982 is considered a national monument. If you want to practice adventure sports or just cool off, you can visit the Pore waterfall with a drop of water eighty meters high.

Plans of the Coffee Axis in Caldas


The Quindío is one of the departments of the Coffee Axis with more variety of tourist sites, such as theme parks, amusement parks, farms and coffee village with a valuable architectural wealth; with spaces dedicated to adventure tourism. This department also has an excellent gastronomic offer, one of the most relevant dishes is the trout patacon. In Quindío you will undoubtedly find beautiful experiences with friendly people, variety of crops and spectacular scenery that will dazzle you.

Tourist Guide Eje Cafetero in Quindío


Armenia it is the capital of the department of Quindío, a city that is called The Miracle City, since after a devastating earthquake, it quickly recovered, generating urban development and population growth. Armenia is part of Coffee triangle for being one of the main centers of Coffee production, which in turn makes it one of the best exhibitors of the coffee culture. The city is characterized by its imposing landscapes as well as its excellent offer of hotel services, gastronomy and ecotourism.

Tour of Salento, on the royal street - Colombian Coffee Axis

Salento is one of that colorful villages that they wrap you in their magic, fill you with joy and dazzle you; all in Salento delights you: your landscapes, its food, its streets and in general everything. This municipality is distinguished by being the cradle of the national tree in Colombia, the wax palm, a structure of the nature imposing that takes time, are palms that reach up to 60 mtrs high and grow where the fog is complicit in the most beautiful landscapes of the municipality. This beautiful region has a great variety of tourist sites to enjoy, like: The Ecoparque El Mirador, Cocora Valley and the Ecological Reserve The Promised Land.


This town will allow you to feel a coffee experience authentic, because when walking through its streets you will find a place that represents the Coffee Region wonderfully Only 23 km from Armenia, Filandia offers its streets to be captivated by its houses of attractive facades with large windows and balconies; you can also enjoy in beautiful specialty coffees of the region's flagship drink and buy handicrafts made in wicker or banana sock. If you go to this town of Coffee Region you cannot miss the visit to The Illuminated Hill Viewpoint, built in wood, from which you will see a 360 ° panorama that includes some villages of Risaralda, Caldas and Cauca's Valley.

Plans of the Coffee Axis in Quindío

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