Caño Cristales Travel Guide

Download the most complete guide of the most beautiful river in the world

The most complete travel guide to Caño Cristales.

With this travel Guide you can have all the necessary information to travel to Caño Crystals, one of the most impressive destinations of Colombia and the world, for being a tributary of natural water that by its conditions allows to enjoy a unique landscape, worthy of the magical realism.

In this travel Guide You will find general information such as: Where is? How to get? flights, seasons, activities and all recommendations what you should keep in mind to live to the fullest this wonderful natural experience.

Downloading our Travel Guide to Caño Cristales 2019, you will have all the necessary information to know this magnificent destination in its next season.

Download now your Travel Guide to Caño Cristales!

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Download now your travel guide Caño Cristales, for the season of the year 2019.


Find in this travel Guide accurate information about the Location and conditions of Caño Crystals in Colombia.


You can find all the information about how to get to Caño Crystals from 4 main cities of Colombia


Know in advance how you should be dressed, what to wear and what are the medical requirements to visit Caño Crystals.


In this Caño Cristales travel guide you can find all plans what can you do in The Macarena and Caño Crystals.