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What is the Amazon?

Amazonas is a destination for those who want to disconnect from their daily world to connect with another richer, deeper and more spiritual that is reached by being impressed with each place in this magical jungle.

Where is?

The Department of the Amazon is located in the southeast corner of the Republic of Colombia in a triple border area that gives it a strategic geopolitical position. Its territories are located in the Amazon region.

How to get?

Leticia is the door of the Colombian Amazon. Getting to Leticia from Bogotá is very easy, every day there are two direct flights, each one takes 2 hours to arrive, Moving around the Amazon is very easy, just keep in mind that the speedboat schedule is 7 am, 9 am, 12 m and 2 pm

Plans that you cannot miss in the Amazon
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Amazonas Full Plan
  1. River transportation round trip by boat to the Natura Park reserve
  2. Accommodation according to the number of nights chosen
  3. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners
  4. Supply of soaps, shampoo, small towel for guests + bed linen and countertop
  5. Hammock area for rest
  6. Sighting of royal victories
  7. bath with blue clay - Day and night walks
  8. Flora and fauna observation - Traditional and sport fishing
  9. Visit to the indigenous community of Macedonia, cultural exhibition and craft workshop
  10. Ecological walk - Muito workshop - Guides specialized in jungle and jungle
  11. Tour to Puerto Nariño with lunch- Pink dolphin watching
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Basic Amazon Plan
  1. Airport dock transfer - airport dock
  2. River transfer by speedboat round trip Leticia hotel
  3. Accommodation according to the number of nights selected
  4. Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  5. Refreshments; Water, coffee and fruits of the region during the day
  6. Canoe experience in hotel lake
  7. Victoria sighting royal + bird watching
  8. Huito workshop
  9. Blue mud lake experience with analgesic properties
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Activities you can't miss

Tree climbing and cannopy tours

Day walk

Amazonas Natura Park Colombia Travel Plan
Jungle inside expedition
Amazonas Plan Amazonas Natura Park Colombia Travel
Puerto Nariño Tour
Amazonas Natura Park Colombia Travel Plan
Night walk
Amazonas Natura Park Colombia Travel Plan
Leticia City Tour
Amazonas Natura Park Colombia Travel Plan
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