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17 villages currently make up the Heritage Villages Network in Colombia

Colombia It is a beautiful country, and although it is much younger than some of its Latin American neighbors, its history has a particular richness and variety; both for the colonization process that occurred through its coastal zone, and for its path to independence; making visible all this racking in their villages older, which through their landscapesstreets culture and architecture reveal the Colombian vision of the country, consolidating itself in the Heritage Villages Network.

Starting from the beauty and characteristics of many of these villages and driven by these historical treasures that nourish the country and dazzle its visitors, join the National Tourism Fund (Fontur) and the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, to create the Cultural Tourism Policy, which aims to strengthen the Tourism sector of the country through the wealth wealth of many of these Magic towns.

The Tourist Network of Heritage Villages, is a program that seeks to generate sustainable development through cultural tourism in 17 declared villages “Well of cultural interest nationwide”, showing what ancestral, historical and memorable from our country in a different way; making available to Travellers all the history, culture, gastronomy, nature, architecture, human capital and archeology what does it offer Colombia.

Currently the Heritage Villages Network It consists of 17 villages; and they hope this initiative will increase and may include some more jewels on this list.

  • Aguadas, Caldas
  • Barichara, Santander
  • Marsh, Cupcake
  • El Socorro, Santander
  • Guadalajara de Buga, Valle del Cauca
  • Guaduas, Cundinamarca
  • Honda, Tolima
  • Garden, Antioquia
  • Jericho, Antioquia
  • Bethlehem Beach, North of Santander
  • Mongui, Santander
  • Salamis, Caldas
  • San Juan Girón, Santander
  • Santa Cruz de Lorica, Córdoba
  • Santa Cruz de Mompox, Bolívar
  • Santa Fe de Antioquia, Antioquia
  • Villa de Leyva, Boyacá

Definitely the Heritage Villages Network It is a collection of stories and places that will show you Colombia from its insides, from its colorful beauty; Come to know each one of these magical corners and travel in time.

A story is waiting for you.

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  1. Avatar Yeison August 22, 2018 Reply

    Great! that historical and cultural treasure that we have in our villages

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